Every Christian a Candle

Christmas is less than a week away. One of the things that I really love about the celebration of the birth of Christ is the light of the season. The lights of Christmas decorations can make one feel at peace, and they present a magical quality to them at night. America, in particular, needs the wonder of Christmas right now as it deals with the tragic massacre of little innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut last week, as well as those who spent each day educating and caring for them.

As a Christian, and a God-called preacher, I know that I was saved to shine the light of God’s truth into a world that is in utter spiritual blackness. Maybe it would be a good practice for all true Christians, everywhere, if every night we would light a single candle in our house and then turn off the lights for a few moments and just think about this age that we live in, and the difference that the light of a single candle can make even in a darkened room.

Things are very bad in America now.  And it has been sadly inevitable that things would come to this point. And the precise reason things are so bad is because God and the light of His truth have been violently pushed to the periphery our culture, and the light that does shine is barely seen, and it makes little impact on the real decision makers in our culture. Can’t you, as I do, sense that something is terribly wrong and that it is not getting better? The sad thing about American politicians is that they only focus on the effect, and never the cause. I believe this is because they know that if we had a true and serious national discussion about the real cause of our problems in America, secular progressivism, it would make our secular nation feel uncomfortable. It's the great sin of our age in America to make any American feel uncomfortable. And, God-forbid, that anyone in America is made to feel uncomfortable. I can tell you this, it has made me feel very sad for the families of those murdered in Newtown as I’ve seen their pain and tears. May the Good Lord above wrap them in His arms and cover them with His love.

So the politicians will go on their silly rants about the need to “control guns”. They will talk about the effect, and never address the real causes of so much of the anger and hopelessness that has spread like a cancer across our nation, thanks in large part to the very laws and policies that they promote and pass. And this is why Jesus said that if the blind (i.e., they have none of God’s light!) lead the blind (i.e., they have none of God’s light) they will both fall into a ditch.

There is only one thing for the church of Jesus Christ to do today in our world whether we are Catholic or Protestant, and that’s for every believer to see themselves as a candle shinning in a spiritually blackened world created by our very own government with its asinine secular progressive policies that create more problems than they ever solve. Please, I pray, let’s all do our part to be a candle to spread the truth about God and His love and grace, and push back the darkness so that people will turn from their despair to the only One who is the Hope of the world, that is, Jesus Christ.


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